Conflicts as a Moving Energy

Conflicts as a Moving Energy

CONFLICTS as a moving energy.

Do you walk away from conflicts to not "stir up the $hit" so to speak, not to start the drama, or to avoid arguments? If so, let's look at conflicts as a moving energy of the universe and opportunity for self growth. But first, learn the ability to control emotions, let the anger pass through your body, takes about 2 to 3 minutes, and then speak.

Conflicts in life are often viewed as a negative occurrence, causing stress, friction, and discomfort. However, from a spiritual perspective, conflicts can be seen as a necessary and valuable part of the universe's energy. They can be viewed as a moving force that generates change and growth.  And from personal growth standpoint, conflicts can act as a means to understand oneself better, to develop resilience, and to cultivate empathy and compassion for others. Deep spiritual teachings remind us that conflicts are inevitable in life, and that we should aim not to avoid them but to learn from them. The energy that conflicts generate can, therefore, be harnessed to promote healing and growth in both our personal lives and the broader universe.

“I Found That Ultimately if You Truly Pour Your Heart Into What You Believe in — Even if It Makes You Vulnerable — Amazing Things Can and Will Happen.” - Emma Watson

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