Internal You vs External You

Internal You vs External You


and a switch.

There's 2 parts to us: internal you and external you.

Internal - true essence of your being. Your relationship with yourself, the dialogue you hold in your head, your virtues, your values, your beliefs, ideologies and philosophies that are yours.

External -is every day life; job, news, people and their chatter, you following rules and leads and orders, doing deeds and obligations. Showing up as family member, employee, citizen and human.

Where do you find yourself the most?

And do you know where the switch is?

And do you know WHAT that switch is?

Switch is a BREAK. It's the ability to recognize the signals of your body and mind that enough of one or the other is too much and stop. Interval for inner peace. Or interval to get back on your feet. HARMONY

Listen to your body and give it balance please. It's you vs you.

“I Found That Ultimately if You Truly Pour Your Heart Into What You Believe in — Even if It Makes You Vulnerable — Amazing Things Can and Will Happen.” - Emma Watson

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