Let's do vulnerability. If you're not vulnerable, there's a lot less pain, AND a lot less Love. I'm gonna say we walk around sliced and diced, because at one point someone, somewhere, somehow hit that very weak spot.... being vulnerable. Being vulnerable out of a good pure heart, courageous and open.

"Don't ever hit people in their weak spot" is a statement that holds true not just in physical combat but also in the way we treat people in our day-to-day lives. Each and every one of us has areas where we feel vulnerable, be it emotionally, mentally, or physically. To use someone's areas of vulnerability to hurt them intentionally is not just cowardly but also inhumane.

So  do your day-to-day life with love, and also, listen to your tells you who loves all your weak spots.

“I Found That Ultimately if You Truly Pour Your Heart Into What You Believe in — Even if It Makes You Vulnerable — Amazing Things Can and Will Happen.” - Emma Watson

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